Employee Daily Meal

Let’s understand with the Covid scenario in India


In India, the sudden declaration of lockdown left the corporate
sector in quite a shamble. Businesses were shut overnight, offices
were left unattended and employees were stuck away from homes. At such times, though social media is flooded with messages of how to maintain your sanity by doing fun activities at home, cooking topped the list. Making food at home is not often a task of choice or a new hobby that working people would willingly indulge into. People are getting desperate to get back to their routines of going to office and eating cooked wholesome meals in their canteens without the stress of cooking.

The current protocols on food industry

Now that the lockdown has been lifted in green and orange zones,
companies are still struggling to provide basic amenities such as fully
functional pantries to their employees. Along with the lift on the ban,
the government has also incorporated Covid protocols on the food
industry to ensure utmost hygiene and safety. This act left the
catering industry in a dilemma of living up to the government
expectations and the employees with limited choice in healthy food.

Happy Box comes to the rescue of employees

This is when companies like Happy Box come to your rescue. Happy
box is a catering company that provides scrumptious, healthy and
hygienic food to employees across Bengaluru. The mere reason for
there existence is to help busy people eat nutritional delicacies while
at work and perform efficiently both mentally as well as physically.
They provide box meals to suit your organizations palate as well as
pocket. Considering the current Covid scenario, Happy Box has
been tagged as one of the safe delivery services to order from. They
maintain absolute hygiene in the entire process of cooking to
packaging. The employees maintain social distancing and sanitize
the place on everyday basis. They also take other precautionary
measures such as maintaining employees daily temperature before
entering and before leaving the workplace, personal hygiene of the
staff and providing safety equipment to the employees such as
gloves and pocket sanitizers.

Multiple palates Multiple Cuisines

Here, you can order from a wide range of cuisines such as South
Indian, North Indian, Bengali, Andra-style, and Chinese etc. They
even have an ‘Employee Daily Meal’ program to help companies
plan healthy meal boxes for their employees on regular basis. Apart
from corporate services, they also provide catering for corporate or
family events. If your event requires you to serve freshly cooked and
immediately served platters, Happy Box can be your go-to catering

Central kitchen for optimum efficiency

Economical offering
Happy Box has a central kitchen to take care of high production
volumes to ensure utmost efficiency. This also makes it an
economical offering for employers to hire their services to serve an
entire organization with highly nutritious and hygienic food.
Sanitized kitchen
In their central kitchen they wipe clean different surfaces with
disinfectants twice in a day, before they begin cooking and once
they are finished to ensure a germ free environment.

Hand washing protocol
Considering the Covid scenario, their hand washing protocol has
also increased than usual, ensuring that not only their customers are
safe, so are their employees.

Beyond employees
They treat their employees like family. Therefore to ensure utmost
safety of their employees they follow strict protocols of checking
their temperature each time they step out or in.

Customer is everything
All hygiene measures right from equipment to safe employees are all
dedicated towards the safety of their customers.

So, if you are heading back to work and looking for a nutritious and
hygienic meal plan for your employees post Covid, simply sign up
for Happy Box or ask your employees to sign up for a full-fledged
catering service.

Be a part of the happy Box family today for safe and delicious food
right at your office. Call them on 9986122222 today.

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